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Course on Policy and Politics of Coastal Areas

Posted in: Continued Education by Eric Sopp on March 30, 2010 | No Comments

This summer, Iowa State University is offering an exciting course on the policy and politics of coastal areas. Political Science 442/542 is a six-week, completely online course that focuses on coastal zone management issues. Specific topics covered include: carrying capacity, zoning, regulation of human development activities, tradeoffs between conservation and jobs, the quality of coastal lifestyle, ways in which citizens participate in policy for coastal areas. It’s offered for undergraduate or graduate credit and presents exciting opportunities for political and environmental scientists, public managers, policy makers, teachers, and many other topics of interest.

The course is being taught by award winning university professor of political science Dr. Steffen Schmidt. He has been teaching and doing research for the past 40 years, and currently dedicates his time to coastal policy and identity theft issues. He is the lead author of the country’s most widely adopted introductory college textbook, “American Government and Politics Today.” Dr. Schmidt provides weekly political analysis for Iowa Public Radio, periodically contributes to CNN en Español, and works as the chief political and foreign correspondent for

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